Project 365: 321/365

Day 321 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 321/365 Oh, puppy!

Notice how the dog is a frequent subject?  She’s pretty cute though, so it’s hard to resist taking photos of her.  Plus she makes such adorable faces sometimes.

Project 365: 298/365

Day 298 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 298/365 Knitted Cowl

So this picture is horridly out of focus, I should have tried harder.  This is the finished product of a cowl I knitted for myself.  The yarn is a lovely alpaca yarn I purchased from Old Oaks Ranch a few months ago.  I found this pattern on Ravelry, and used it as a guideline since my needles and yarn were a lot smaller than what it called for.  I basically doubled the pattern to make sure it was long enough to actually cover up my neck.

Do my friend a favor!

Hello loyal blog readers!  My friend Beth has entered a contest to win a guest room makeover.  This is a really awesome opportunity for her and you can help!  Please go like the Room Fu page and then go to this link and push the Vote button to vote for Beth.  Additionally, once you vote if you head over to her blog, you can post a comment and be entered to win a handmade custom crochet item of your choice!  The contest ends today, so do this as soon as possible!